History of Nunchaku

There are several theories about the history of the nunchaku. Nunchaku as a flail? Or maybe not? Somewhere around medieval times there was an emperor in Japan who didn't want to risk his people standing up to him. Therefore his civilians weren’t allowed to carry real weapons anymore. It was around this time that many martial arts started to take form, so the people had at least some way to defend themselves. Some belief that the people also used a flail to defend themselves. They used...

Rules of Nunchaku free-style

Freestyle is the art of free performance with the nunchaku on music. This discipline of Nunchaku-do found it's origin in 1984. Allthough it is called "free"style, there are still certain rules the competitors have to follow. This way it is possible to give grades for the different performances. Basic goal of the freestyle With a freestyle a competitor has the chance to show off his nunchaku skills in a performance on music. It is really important that music and the exercise are in complete...

Online Nunchaku-do exam

It is possible to take an online Nunchaku-do exam. We have published the requirements for each exam, so you know what to practice. You can practice the requirements on your own. If you're confident about your skills, then you can take the online exam. You can read all about the online Nunchaku-do exam here.here

Welcome to Nunchakusite.org

The main goal of Nunchasite.org is to spread Nunchaku-do as a sports world wide, using modern media as an enabler to get it contact with people world wide.  On this site you can learn all about the techniques and exercises of Nunchaku-do as specified by the World Nunchaku Association (WNA). You also can start the online training and even get a graduation by doing the online exams. This website is run by Mario Brenters. For many years he has been participating withing the Nunchaku-do competiti...