Yellow Belt

For your yellow belt exam you need to master the following

Nunchaku Techniques

You must be able to perform the techniques below on an adequate level:

  • 1st upward strike
  • 2nd upward strike
  • 3rd upward strike
  • 4th upward strike
  • 1st downward strike
  • 2nd downward strike
  • 3rd downward strike
  • 4th downward strike
  • 1st forward strike
  • 2nd forward strike
  • 3rd forward strike
  • 4rd forward strike
  • 1ste sideward strike
  • 2nd sideward strike
  • 1st variation strike
  • 2nd variation strike
  • Blocks

    You must be able to perform the first five basic blocks:

  • 1st basic block
  • 2nd basic block
  • 3rd basic block
  • 4th basic block
  • 5th basic block
  • Tempo

    You must be able to do the basic grip 40 times in 30 seconds:

  • 40x basic grip in 30 seconds
  • Kata

    You must be able to perform the first link kata on an adequate level:

  • 1st link kata
  • Kumite

    You must have basic understanding of the Nunchaku-do kumite rules and be able to perform a friendly showcase kumite match:

  • Two matches of 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Do you think you are ready for your exam?

    Remember that you must be able to perform the above on an adequate level, meaning that you dont only know what you need to do in theory, but also that you actually practiced these things. We can see the difference between people who haven’t practiced and who have practiced easily. Do you still think you’re ready? Then you can sign on for an online exam here.