Exam requirements

Nunchaku-do uses a similar system to karate and judo to show the degree of skill and expertise of the person. While the belt is a bit different (it’s easier to practise Nunchaku-do in with the belt we’re using) the colors are pretty much the same: we start with white belt (beginner), followed by yellow (5th kyu), orange (4th kyu), green (3rd kyu), blue (2nd kyu), brown (1ste kyu) and black (1st dan). After the first dan, you can still do exams up till the 5th dan. After this you can only be promoted.

On this page you can read all about the different things you have to master for each skill level. Online you can do exams up till your brown belt.

Yellow belt (5th kyu) requirements
Orange belt (4th kyu) requirements
Green belt (3rd kyu) requirements
Blue belt (2nd kyu) requirements
Brown belt (1st kyu) requirements

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